Pax's Stories

The Titty Twister

Pray for Pax’s nipples 🙏🏼

While my summer of free love got off to a rocky start with Casper the Fuckboy Ghost, I decided to keep going with the dating apps. One day I match with this cute Jewish guy who I had a lot of mutual friends with, had a friend who dated him in high school casually… overall seemed like a good idea. He asked me to go to a drive-in movie with him, which I’ve always wanted to do; so I said yes.

The day of, he cancels on the drive-in, saying he has his parents place to himself, that I should come by there and watch a movie instead. So we pop in Austin Powers, share a joint, have some wine, and cuddle up on the couch. Once the movie ends, he just decides to go right for it. At first we’re just kissing which was nice, but then he goes to try and feel me up. So he starts really going for my boobs, well not really my boobs, but my nipples.

When I say “he was going for them”, what I really mean, was he was just twisting them back and forth and round and round, and PINCHING them. It was so uncomfortable, but it was also my first time really hooking up with someone in this kind of situation, so I didn’t know what to say. Just kept kissing him while he kept giving me a titty twister.

Eventually, when I got home later and changed into my PJ’s, I looked at my boobs, and no joke, they were legit purple. This boy gave me a


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