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The Boy Next Door

Oops… I did it again.

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So I’ve been seeing this guy that I’ve known my whole life. He’s seen me through all of my awkward as hell stages and somehow always had a thing for me throughout all of them (including the stages where I was a raging hormonal bitch).

I broke up with him and got back together with him maybe 10 times in middle school (yes I know hahah), and then we both went our separate ways. Fast forward 10 years and we reconnected. I was single for the first time ever, and he somehow still had a thing for me. Even told me he always thought of me as the perfect girl next door.

We started hanging out and hooking up, and everything was good, chill, until my ex reappeared in my DMs and made me reconsider the way things were going for me. Suddenly I realized, this guy who I thought might be my perfect little boy next door, was more likely actually just be me romanticizing the situation.. because, well, how Hallmark would it be if I fell in love with my childhood sweetheart and got married and lived happily ever after? I know.

But the thing is.. I hate Hallmark movies. So between me and you, I think that I’m going to be breaking his heart for the 11th time..

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