Carrie Bradshaw – step aside! Toronto now has Iris & Pax, a powerful girl duo, offering up advice and (may too personal) stories of their own experiences with dating in the 6ix.

With so many of our own crazy and common experiences in various aspects of love, sex, and dating, we wanted to create a nonjudgemental space for tips, advice, and articles on topics relating to the 6ix.

Especially now that the dating game have changed with the pandemic, we’ll be here to help you figure out the new rules. Whether you’re in a committed relationship, going through heartache, fluttering in the dating scene, or basking in the single life – we got something for you.

Through community, Instagram, blogs, magazines, and Q&A sessions, we will be focusing on a range of subjects including sex, dating, and self-love.

Stay tuned 💜 #sexinthe6ix



Hey there! I’m Pax, and I work tirelessly to promote peace & harmony among all living things. You’ll know it’s me when someone unexpected in your life offers you an olive branch. I’m here to bring serenity & laughter to my fellow Torontonian’s by sharing my own embarrassing stories, and giving advice on what I know best – intimacy, love, and friendship.

Hi, I’m Iris! I bring messages from heaven to earth. You’ll know it’s me when you see large, golden wings trailing behind a rainbow in the sky. If I may be blunt – love, infatuation, and orgasms are just heavenly – and therefore are my areas of expertise. I’m here to help see, share, and translate messages from the heavens above 💫.