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The Late Night Yodeller

Living in a city as beautiful as Toronto, it’s not uncommon for people to try to take advantage of the view during sex. Doing it with windows wide open, in the parks, or over a balcony to get the beautiful city view. Even better, smoking during sex which usually will entail the city lights for more added bonus.

The other night we were walking through Kensington market after an evening at Done Right (highly recommended bar – especially for Covid) and heard, well “oooooh LOO ohhhhhh LOOO ohhhhhh LOOO” to be frank, clearly a woman was having sex outside somewhere, whenever that person hit her spot there was a loud “LOO’ to follow.

It got to the point where the neighbour poked his head out and screamed “WHOS THIS YODELLING BITCH!?!?” Which brought half the neighbours into the street with joints and beers talking about the yodelling girl. Nobody could see her, but we could tell she was on one of the balconies.

The yodelling stopped and some time later we’re still hanging in the streets when someone comes by screaming “OH SHIT DID YOU ALL HEAR THAT?!”, to which we all turn our heads to see some girl behind him and without missing a beat raises her hands in the air shouting “ARNT YOU HAPPY FOR ME!?” And proceeded to give everybody a list of top brunch places in Toronto, pre & during COVID.

I love living in the city ❤️


Iris's Stories

Valentine’s & Viagra

Valentine’s Day can be an awkward time of year for those of us that are in the types of relationships where you’re ‘ a little more than casual but a little less romantic’. People have different expectations and desires on this day. The -resin I was seeing at the time was having a hard time grasping Valentine’s Day, circled frown face on his calendar, bitching stupidity, the whole thing. So I figured I should find something to do for or give him that is still special, but doesn’t send the wrong messages. We didn’t really connect on any level besides sexually, but that aspect was very strong; comfortable, open, kinky, and even a little spiritual. I decided to get lingerie and wrote a card, casual and perfect. T(to this day, my lingerie has gone unworn). That night he showed up with a ‘surprise’, and pulled out two blue pills. I’ve done my share of research regarding viagra’s effects on women, there’s been a range of experiences but the overall consensus is that it’s quite pleasurable, and worth a shot.

With the reports on women enjoying sex on viagra and the two of us already having a great sex life, I thought this was going to be fantastic.

It takes some time to kick in, but a little foreplay while waiting will add to the trick. Everything was said up basically -refectory. Strong sex to begin with, added stimulants, building up heat, minor romantic aspects = recipe for orgasms! A lot of them, and really good ones.

Stop ahead 20 minutes, we are both bundled up in our comfiest Panama’s, wrapped in our own blankets on the floor, shaking, searching through Disney plus for a comfort movie, and deciding what comfort food is most needed. Needless to stay, it felt like the comedown of a molly trip.

If anyone else has this experience, Moana is a great movie for any come down.

Iris's Stories

Read The Signs

I was going over to this guys house, we met once before, starting with some darling plant shopping, and ending with a BJ in the elementary school parking lot (our dumbness didn’t even realize recess let out half way through…….oops.) I kept blowing him off and he was extremely kind about it, but then once asked me to make a promise to see him or else he’d be extremely sad (R.F.1 – the fuck?). Fuck it, I had no real reason to dodge him other than I want my me time all the time. He picked me up, and when we got to his place and he explained how he does;t want to smoke, then starred me down and before I could say a word went “actually, you intrigue me to break my rule.” (R.F.2 – that easily swerved by someone they don’t know?). I figured it was time all the talking stopped. We started…. you know… and he called a third person on the phone asking her to come and fuck me. (R.F.3 – no asking) I have no problems with bringing people in, but we all gotta veto each other. She couldn’t make it and after a bit of playing around I was ready to head home. He told me he would drive me there and had a surprise for me. The surprise? As we were driving, he whipped out his phone and showed me a dozen videos of me sucking him off in his room (R.F.4 – ASK) I didn’t freak, I looked hot. I told him to please delete them which he did then turned the car around, drove further south ( we were heading north) (R.F.5 – yikes wtf)and I got out at dundas square, met some friends, and we ended up eating churro’s on the steps of Ryerson. I’m not unhappy by this experience by any means. There was no hostile energy, I never felt in danger or anything he had a very calm tone (could be considered alarming). It’s simply not someone I necessarily want to see again, but the sex was fucking great, I learned some fantastic tips and tricks. Plus I left with a little souvenir, a week later and my nipple are still super tender.