Iris's Stories

The Late Night Yodeller

Living in a city as beautiful as Toronto, it’s not uncommon for people to try to take advantage of the view during sex. Doing it with windows wide open, in the parks, or over a balcony to get the beautiful city view. Even better, smoking during sex which usually will entail the city lights for more added bonus.

The other night we were walking through Kensington market after an evening at Done Right (highly recommended bar – especially for Covid) and heard, well “oooooh LOO ohhhhhh LOOO ohhhhhh LOOO” to be frank, clearly a woman was having sex outside somewhere, whenever that person hit her spot there was a loud “LOO’ to follow.

It got to the point where the neighbour poked his head out and screamed “WHOS THIS YODELLING BITCH!?!?” Which brought half the neighbours into the street with joints and beers talking about the yodelling girl. Nobody could see her, but we could tell she was on one of the balconies.

The yodelling stopped and some time later we’re still hanging in the streets when someone comes by screaming “OH SHIT DID YOU ALL HEAR THAT?!”, to which we all turn our heads to see some girl behind him and without missing a beat raises her hands in the air shouting “ARNT YOU HAPPY FOR ME!?” And proceeded to give everybody a list of top brunch places in Toronto, pre & during COVID.

I love living in the city ❤️