Morning in Yorkville For Under $20

Sorry Coffee co. 102 Bloor St W

This is just a cute coffee shop, even with the window order. I’m a sucker for their cappuccinos – regular, oat milk, coconut milk, all of it. It’s cute, it’s a vibe – the name – cups – neighbourhood. It’s a cue settle start to the morning,
The Yorkville Rock 131 Cumberland St.

This is a rock. Simply that. A rock with a beautiful view of the surrounding luxurious Yorkville buildings & shops, perfect to do your morning rituals! Whether that’s sitting with yourself, reading, journaling, sitting with loved ones, coffee and music, doing some work, or even yoga! (Yup! Have done yoga on the rock in the mornings – not with a class. 10/10 recommend)
I recommend spending an hour one morning just on the rock.
Great way to spark reconnecting!
ZAZA Espresso Bar 55 Avenue Rd. & 162 Cumberland St.
ZAZA Espresso Bar in Yorkville has absolutely scrumptious treats & sandwiches. Yorkville has 2 ZAZA’s; the first is on Cumberland, and the other in Yorkville Village by the Avenue road entrance.
The Cumberland ZAZA has ADORABLE outdoor seating, but doesn’t have the breakfast sandwiches.
So personally, I start my mornings with the ZAZA in the village, but DON’T STALL! Their breakfast sandwiches disappear within the hour of opening.
Taglialatella Galleries 99 Yorkville Ave.
This modern contemporary art gallery has paintings from some of the top artists worldwide. Including; Andy Warhol, Banks, and Mr. Brainwash. Gallery entrance is free, and it would take minimum 5 minutes to get around the place.
Great way to spark creativity for the day!
Liss Gallery 112 Cumberland Street.
This gallery always has something nostalgic with their art collections. Carrying art collections from rock n roll stars such as Mick Fleetwood & Bernie Taupin, as well as being the only gallery in Toronto to host The Secret Works Of Suess and loads more!

Great way to spark spirit!

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